Monday, December 7, 2009


Guacamole is one of those "dips" you either love or you hate. I keep getting mixed reviews about it ... but one thing I know for sure is I Love it!!! (and if you like Guacamole like I do and if ever you travel to Cozumel, Mexico you need to Stop at Playa Bonita's for some Home-made Chips and Guacamole and an Ice cold Margarita. Did I also mention it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to in the Caribbean). Well, Enough about the best ... lets talk about my Frugal Find.

The other day I was at Trader Joe's looking to pick up items that will go well for watching a Football Game . Low and behold i came across the coolest thing in the store ... well, the coolest thing in the produce section. The "Guacamole Kit." At first I passed right by it and went looking for avocados, tomatoes, limes, onions, etc. Then went back to find it was only $2.99 ... and it had it all for way less than I was paying for the items in my basket. I bought the "Kit" and the Guacamole was the best I have ever made.

This is the "Kit"

2 Avocados
2 Plum Tomatoes
1 Lime
1 Clove of Garlic
1 Onion
1 Jalapeño Pepper
Salt n Pepper to taste

Peel and dice the onion and garlic, dice the
jalapeño pepper, and Peel, Un-pit, and dice the avocado. Combine all this into a bowl and mash until it is to your desired consistency. Dice the tomatoes and add to the mixture. Add the juice of the lime and salt and pepper to taste. You may also want to add a few sprigs of fresh Cilantro to give it that straight from Mexico taste.

The best thing about this, is I know what was in it, all fresh ingredients, nothing processed and nothing from a can. It may take a few more minutes to prepare but when there is none left ... you don't feel guilty about eating any of it.

This is the first installment of Frugal Finds ... as I find more I will post them. Frugal Finds will be a section dedicated to finding things that are still home-made but seem to be Way Cheaper than buying store bought brands.

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