Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pho 88, Lowell MA

Pho 88, Lowell MA

I thought when I started my food blog I was only going to talk about what is being made in my kitchen or my friend's kitchens, but that changed one day. My husband took me out to dinner about a month and when my meal appeared in front of me I knew I had to share this with everyone who follows my "blog." We went to what was once a small hole in the wall not very nice looking Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner, Pho 88. This place has become way more than anyone expected it to be ... They have a bar area on one side of the restaurant and a full dining room on the other side. Which if I may say there are usually more Asians eating there than white people. That is a good sign if you ask me.

I was never really a fan of Pho 88 or Vietnamese food till I tried Shabu Shabu, I will talk about that at a later time. It wasn't that I was not an adventurous eater but I had only seen the soups they make, and tripe is something I just cannot stomach, no pun intended.
About a month ago when we went for dinner we decided to sit at the bar to eat. I was so not sure of what to order and wanted to try something new. So I found this ...
A choice of soft or crispy yellow noodles or flat noodles combined with a choice of Beef, Chicken or sliced Pork with red peppers, onions, broccoli, green beans and snow peas.
I thought why not play it safe and order the Crispy Yellow noodles, with chicken as my meat.
When my dish arrived it looked like this ...

My very own "bird's nest" of yummy chicken and veggies. Who would have thought it was going to be so beautiful as well. This has totally turned me on to Vietnamese cuisine and I cannot get enough of it. And well, it does not help that Pho 88 is about 2 miles from my house.

I hope this helps you to become a more adventurous eater than you were before. It is all a matter of reading the menu good and finding flavors that you like. You may be surprised like me that Vietnamese food is your new favorite.

If you are ever in the Lowell/Chelmsford area go to Pho 88 and try something ... it is always busy and food is always good.


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  1. Pho Da Lat in the same town is much better! Go to